Obesity and Pregnancy: Inherent Risks and the Benefits of Weight Loss


Obesity is at epidemic levels and more than one-third of women who become pregnant are obese.  A woman’s body mass index (BMI) prior to pregnancy is an independent predictor of multiple pregnancy risks. While many women struggle to lose weight after childbirth, women with obesity prior to pregnancy face a host of health issues for themselves and their and child. 

In this exclusive White Paper, learn about:

  • Risks to pregnant women with obesity
  • Risks to the fetus and newborn
  • Weight loss and pregnancy

While weight loss consistently is advised as the best course of action to avoid obesity-related complications during and after pregnancy, any weight loss program undertaken during pregnancy should be carefully monitored to ensure the safety of the mother’s and fetus’s health. Learn more by downloading this complementary White Paper, then contact Robard to discuss how you can offer a safe and proven medically-supervised obesity treatment program to your patients.

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